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You've got a friend in me

C Randy Newman Eb Vote rhythm
Capo on 3rd fret
[|] [C] [E7] [|] [Am] [G#7] [|] [C] [G] [|] [C] [Gaug] [|] [C9] [Gaug] [|]
[C]You've got a [Gaug]friend in [C]me
[F]You've got a [F#dim7]friend in [C]me
[F] When the [C]road looks[E7]looks rough a[Am]ahead
And you're [F]miles and [C]miles from your [E7]nice warm [Am]bed
[F]You just re[C]remember what your [E7]old pal [Am]said
Boy, [D7]you've got a [G]friend in [C]me [A7]
Yeah, [D7]you've got a [G]friend in[|]in m[C]me [E7] [|] [Am] [G#7] [|] [C] [G] [|]
[C]You've got a [Gaug]friend in [C]me
[F] You've got a [F#dim7]friend in [C]me
[F]You got [C]troubles[E7]troubles, I got them [Am]too
[F] There isn't [C]anything I [E7]wouldn't [Am]do for you
[F] We stick to[C]together, we can [E7]see it [Am]through
Cause [D7]you've got a [G]friend in [C]me [A7]
[D7] You've got a f[G]riend in[|] m[C]e [C7] [|]
[F] Some other folks might be
a[B]a little bit smarter than I am
[C] Bigger and [B7]stronger [C]too, maybe ...
[B] But none of them will [B7]ever love you
The [Em]way I [A7]do
It's [Dm]me and [G]you, boy
[C] And as the [Gaug]years go [C]by,
Our [F]friendship will [F#dim7]never [C]die
[F] You're gonna [F#dim7]see it's our [C]des-[E7]des-ti-[Am]ti-ny
[D7] You've got a [G]friend in [C]me [A7]
[D7] You've got a [G]friend in [C]me [A7]
[D7] You've got a [G]friend in[|]in m[C]me [E7] [|] [Am] [G#7] [|] [C] [G] [|] [C]
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Updated 2019-08-27
Views: 7,853 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Randy Newman Genre: US-UK Favorite: 4
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