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Bridge Over Troubled Water

Capo 3
When you're [C]weary, [F] feelin[C]feeling small,
[F] When t[Bb]ears a[F]re i[C]n your eyes[F],
i will d[C]ry them al[F]l [C] [F]
[C] I'm o[G]n yo[Am]ur side.[G] when times [F]get r[C]ough
[C7] And friends just ca[F]n't b[D]e fo[G]und,
[C7] Like a br[F]idge ov[F#dim]er trou[C]bled [A7sus]wa-ter[A7] [F]
I will l[E7]lay me do[Am]down.
[C7] Like a br[F]idge ov[F#dim]er trou[C]bled[A7sus] wa-te[A7]r [F]
I will l[G9]ay m[G7]e do[C]wn.
When you're d[C]down and out,
When you're on the st[C]street, [F]
When ev[Bb]e-n[F]ing fa[C]lls so h[F]ard
I will c[C]comfort you.[F]you. [C] [F]
[C] I'll ta[G]ke yo[Am]ur part.[G]
When darkness co[C]comes
[C7] And pains is a[F]all [D]a-ro[G]a-round,
[C7] Like a br[F]idge ov[F#dim]er trou[C]bled [A7sus]wa-ter[A7] [F]
I will l[E7]lay me d[Am]down.
[C7] Like a br[F]idge ov[F#dim]er trou[C]bled w[Am]ater [F]
I will l[Am]ay m[E7]e do[Am]wn. [D7]
[F] [Am] [F] [Fm] [C] [F] [C] [F] [C] [F]
Sail on sil[C]silvergirl, [F]
Sail on [C]by.
[F] Your t[Bb]ime h[F]as co[C]me to sh[F]ine.
All your dr[C]dreams are on their w[F]way. [C] [F]
[C] See h[G]ow th[Am]ey sh[G]ine.
If you ne[C]need a friend
[C7] I'm sailing ri[F]ght b[D]e-h[G]ind.
[C7] Like a br[F]bridge[Fmaj7]idge over [D9]trou[C]bled wat[Am]er [F]
I will e[E]ease [E7]your [Am]mind. [D9]
your m[C]mind [F] [Fm] [C]
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Updated 2019-08-26
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Author: Simon And Garfunkel Genre: US-UK Favorite: 2
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