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You Shook Me All Night Long

G AC/DC G Vote rhythm
She was a [G]fast machine, she kept her [C]motor clean
She was the [D]best damn woman that I[G]I ever seen
She had the [G]sightless eyes, telling [C]me no lies
[D]Knockin' me out with those A[G]American thighs
Taking [G]more than her share, had [C]me fighting for air,
She [D]told me to come, but I was [G]already there
'Cause the [G]walls start shaking, the [C]earth was quaking
My [D]mind was aching, and [D]we were making it
And [G]you shook me [C]all [G/B]night [D]long [C] [G/B]
Yeah, [G]you shook me [C]all [G/B]night [D]long [C] [G/B]
Working [G]double time on the se[C]seduction line
She was [D]one of a kind, she's just [G]mine, all mine
Wanted [G]no applause, just a[C]another course
Made a [D]meal out of me and [G]come back for more
Had to [G]cool me down to take a[C]a-nother round,
Now I'm [D]back in the ring to take a[G]a-nother swing
'Cause the [G]walls were shaking, the [C]earth was quaking
My [D]mind was aching, and [D]we were making it
And [G]you shook me [C]all [G/B]night [D]long [C] [G/B]
Yeah, y[G]you shook me [C]all [G/B]night [D]long And [C]knocked me [G/B]out
I said [G]you shook me [C]all [G/B]night [D]long [C] You had me [G/B]shakin'
and [G]you shook me [C]all [G/B]night [D]long
[Dsus4] Yeah, you shook me [D]
[D]Well, you took me
[G] [C] [G/B] [D] [C] [G/B] [G] [C] [G/B] [D] [C] [G/B]
[G] [C] [G/B] [D] [C] [G/B] [G] [C] [G/B] [D] [C] [G/B]
You really took me
and [G]you shook me [C]all [G/B]night [D]long [C] [G/B]Ooooh [G]you
Shook me [C]all [G/B]night [D]long [C]
[G/B]Yeah, yeah, [G]you shook me [C]all.[G/B]all... nig[D]night long
[C] You really [G/B]got me and [G]you shook me [C]all [G/B]night [D]long [C]
Yeah, you [G/B]shook me[D]me, [C] Yeah, you [G/B]shook me[D]me
[D]All night long
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Updated 2019-08-22
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Author: AC/DC Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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