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Mary Did You Know

Cm Pentatonix Cm Vote rhythm
Mary, did you [Cm]know that your [A#2]baby boy
Would [Fm7]someday walk on [G7]water
Mary, did you [Cm]know that your [A#2]baby boy
Would [Fm7]save our sons and [G7]daughters?
Did you [G#]know that your [A#]baby boy has [D#]come to [A#/D]make you [G#]new?
This [Fm7]child that you've delivered will s[G7]soon deliver you
Mary, did you [Cm]know that your [A#2]baby boy
Will [Fm7]give sight to a [G7sus4]blind man[G7]man?
Mary, did you [Cm]know that your [A#2]baby boy
Would [Fm7]calm a storm with his [G7]hand
Did you [G#]know that your [A#]baby boy has [D#]walked where [A#/D]angels [G#]trod?
When you've [Fm7]kissed your little baby
Then you've [G7sus4]kissed the face of [G7]God
[Cm] [A#2] [Fm] [G7sus4] [G7]
The [G#]blind will see, the [A#]deaf will hear
The [D#]dead will [A#/D]live a[Cm]again
The [Fm7]lame will leap, the du[A#]dumb will speak
The [Fm7]praises of the L[G7sus4]Lamb [G7]
Mary, did you [Cm]know that your [A#2]baby boy
Is [Fm7]Lord of all crea[G7sus4]creation? [G7]
Mary did you [Cm]know that your [A#2]baby boy
Will [Fm7]one day rule the [G7sus4]nations?[G7]nations?
Did you [Fm7]know that your b[A#]aby boy was h[D#]eaven's p[A#/D]erfect L[Cm]amb?
This [Fm7]sleeping child you're holding is the g[G7sus4]great "[G7]"I__ [Cm]Am"?
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Updated 2019-08-22
Views: 516 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Pentatonix Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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