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Space Oddity

Am David Bowie Am Vote rhythm
tone [Am]
[Fmaj7] [Em] [Fmaj7] [Em]
[Fmaj7] [Em] [Fmaj7] [Em]
[C] Ground control to Major [Em]Tom
[C] Ground control to Major [Em]Tom
[Am] Take your [Am/G]protein pills and [D/F#]put your helmet on
[C] Ground control to Major [Em]Tom
[C] Commencing countdown engines [Em]on
[Am] Check [Am/G]ignition and may [D/F#]God's love be with you
[C]This is ground control to Major [E]Tom
You've really made the [F]grade
And the [Fm]papers want to [C]know whose shirt you [F]wear
Now it's [Fm]time to leave the [C]capsule if you [F]dare
[C]This is Major Tom to ground [E]control
I'm stepping through the [F]door
And I'm [Fm]floating in a [C]most peculiar [F]way
And the [Fm]stars look very [C]different [F]today
For [Fmaj7]here am I [Em]sitting in a tin can
[Fmaj7]Far above the [Em]world
[Bb]Planet Earth is [Am]blue and there's [G]nothing I can [F]do
[C] [F] [G] [A] [A]
[C] [F] [G] [A] [A]
[Fmaj7] [Em] [A] [C] [D] [E]
[C]Though I'm past one hundred thousand [E]miles
And I [Fm]think my spaceship [C]knows which way to [F]go
Tell my [Fm]wife I love her [C]very much she [F]knows
[G]Ground control to [E7]Major Tom, your
[Am]circuit's dead, there's [C/G]something wrong
Can you [D/F#]hear me Major Tom?
Can you [C]hear me Major Tom?
Can you [G]hear me Major Tom? Can you...
[Fmaj7]Here am I [Em]floating 'round my tin can
[Fmaj7]Far above the [Em]Moon
[Bb]Planet Earth is [Am]blue and there's [G]nothing I can [F]do
[C] [F] [G] [A] [A]
[C] [F] [G] [A] [A]
[Fmaj7] [Em] [A] [C] [D] [E]
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Updated 2019-08-18
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