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Me and I

A ABBA E Vote rhythm
Verse1. : [A] Sometimes when I'm mad
There's a [D] part of me that [E] seems to be a [F#m] little sad
[A] Sometimes when I scream
There's a [D] voice in me that [E] says, "You shouldn't [F#m] be so mean"
Oh [E] no [A] , oh [E] no
[B] Part of me is [G#m] acting while the [C#m] other stands be-[F#] side
Yes, [B] I am to myself what Jekyll must have been to Hyde
Chorus: [E] We're like sun and rainy weather
Sometimes we're a hit together [B] Me and I
[E] Gloomy moods and inspiration
We're a funny combination [B] Me and I
[F#m] I don't think I'm different or in [B6] any way unique
[F#m] Think about yourself for a minute
[G#m7] And you'll find the answer in it
[E] Everyone's a [C#] freak
Verse 2 : [A] Sometimes I have toyed
With i-[D] deas that I [E] got from good old [F#m] Dr Freud
[A] Nothing new of course
It may [D] seem to you I [E] try to break through [F#m] open doors
Oh [E] no [A] , oh [E] no
[B] I just wanna [G#m] say a lot of [C#m] that applies to [F#] me
'Cause [B] it's an explanation to my split identity
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Updated 2019-08-12
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