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Make you feel my love

1. [A] When the rain is blowing [E] in your face
[G] And the whole world is [D] on your case
[Dm] I would offer you a [A] warm embrace
[B7] To make you [E7] feel my [A] love.
2. [A] When evening shadows and the [E] stars appear
[G] And there is no one there to [D] dry your tears
[Dm] I could hold you for a [A] million years
[B7] To make you [E7] feel my [A] love.
[D] I know you haven't made your [A] mind up yet
[C#7] But I would [D] never do you [A] wrong.
[D] I've known it from the moment [A] that we met
[B7] No doubt in my mind where you [E7] belong.
3. [A] I'd go hungry, I'd go [E] black and blue
[G] I'd go crawling down the [D] avenue.
[Dm] There's nothing that I [A] wouldn't do
[B7] To make you [E7] feel my [A] love.
[A] [E] [G] [D] [Dm] [A] [B7] [E7] [A]
[D] The storms are raging on the [A] rollin' sea.
[C#7] And on the [D] highway of [A] regret
[D] The winds of change are blowing wild [A] and free.
[B7] You ain't seen nothing like me [E7] yet.
[A] I could make you happy, make your [E] dreams come true.
[G] There’s nothing that I would [D] not do.
[Dm] Go to the ends of the [A] earth for you
[B7] To make you [E7] feel my [A] love.
[Dm] There is nothing that I [A] would not do.
[B7] To make you [E7] feel my [A] love.
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Updated 2019-08- 6
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Author: Bob Dylan Genre: Favorite: 28
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