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Lemon Boy

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    There [E]once was a bittersweet man and they called him, "[G#7]Lemon Boy"
    He was [A]growing in my garden and I pulled him out by his [F#m]hair like a [B]weed
    And [E]like weeds do he only came and grew [G#7]back again
    So, I [A]figured this time I might as well let him [F#m]be [B]be
    [A]Lemon Boy and [E]me started to get a[G#7]long [C#m]together
    I’d [A]help him plant his [E]seeds and we mowed the [G#7]lawn in bad [C#m]weather
    It’s [A]actually pretty [E]easy being [G#7]nice to a [C#m]bitter boy like [A]him
    So, I got my[B]self a citrus [E]friend
    But [E]soon his bittersweet started to [G#7]rub off on me
    You’d think [A]smelling like lemon zest would [F#m]be pretty [B]neat
    I [E]found out that my friends are more of the [G#7]savoury type
    And they [A]weren’t too keen on compromising with a [F#m]nice lemon [B]pie
    [A]Lemon Boy and [E]me started to get a[G#7]long [C#m]together
    I’d [A]help him plant his [E]seeds and we mowed the [G#7]lawn in bad [C#m]weather
    It’s [A]actually pretty [E]easy being [G#7]nice to a [C#m]bitter boy like [A]him
    So, I got my[B]self a citrus [E]friend
    But [E]what if I run out of ferti[G#7]liser
    [A]What if the clouds run out [Am6]of rain
    [A]What if Lemon Boy won’t grow no long[E]er
    What if the [G#7]beaches dry of sugar[A]cane. Oh [Am6]well
    The [E]whales start to beach themselves
    The [G#7]tortoise shells tear away from their [A]spines
    [Am6]..It [B]happens all the [E]time, [Am6] [B]happens all the [E]time
    [A]Lemon Boy and [E]I, we’re gonna [G#7]live fore[C#m]ver
    Like [A]Snufkin and Little [E]My, we’ll get a[G#7]round where[C#m]ver
    [A]Lemon Boy and [E]I, we’re gonna [G#7]live fore[C#m]ver
    Like [A]Snufkin and Little[E] My, we’ll get a[G#7]round where[C#m]ver
    It’s [A]actually pretty [E]easy being [G#7]nice to a [C#m]bitter boy like [A]him
    'Cause we're the [B]bitterest boys in [A]town
    Yeah, we’re the [B]bitterest guys a[A]round
    And I got my[B]self a citrus [E]friend


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    Updated 2018-12-16
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