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tone : [C]
[Am] [F] [C]
[Am] [F] [C]
[Am]Walking down [F]29th and [C]park
[Am]I saw you[F] in another's [C]arms
[Am]Only a [F]month we've been[C] apart
You look [Am]happier [F] [C]
[Am]Saw you [F]walk inside a[C] bar
[Am]He said some[F]thing to make you [C]laugh
[Am]I saw that [F]both your smiles were [C]twice as wide as ours
Yeah, you look [Am]happier, [F]you do [C]
[Am]Ain't nobody [F]hurt you like I [C]hurt you
But [Am]ain't nobody [F]love you like I [C]do
[Am]Promise that I [F]will not take it [C]personal, baby
[Am]If you're moving [F]on with someone [C]new
'Cause baby you look [Am]happier, [F]you [C]do
My friends told me[Am] one day I'll [F]feel it [C]too
And until then I'll [Am]smile to [F]hide the [C]truth
But I know I was [Am]happier [F]with[C] you
[Am]Sat on the [F]corner of the [C]room
[Am]Everything's remin[F]ding me of [C]you
[Am]Nursing an [F]empty [C]bottle and telling myself you're [Am]happier
[F]Aren't [C]you?
[Am]Ain't nobody [F]hurt you like I [C]hurt you
But [Am]ain't nobody[F] need you like I [C]do
[Am]I know that there's [F]others that [C]deserve you
But my [Am]darling, I am [F]still in love with [C]you
But I guess you look [Am]happier, [F]you [C]do
My friends told me one[Am] day I'll [F]feel it [C]too
I could try to [Am]smile to [F]hide the [C]truth
But I know I was [Am]happier [F]with [C]you
Heya heya heya
[Am] [F] [C]
[Am] [F] [C]
[Am] [F] [C]
[Am] [F] [C]
Baby, you look[Am] happier, [F]you [C]do
I know one day you'd [Am]fall for [F]someone [C]new
But if he breaks your [Am]heart like [F]lovers [C]do
Just know that I'll be [Am]waiting [F]here for [C]you
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Updated 2017-05- 2
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Author: Ed Sheeran Genre: Pop , Âu Mỹ Favorite: 21
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