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It’s me hi I’m the problem it’s me BIG SWIFTIE HERE

Favorite of KkG

[A][G][D][F#m] [A]I know I have good judgment, [F#m]I know I have good taste [D]It's funny and
KkG, 7 / 07, 2024 A C D Em F F#m G 998
[Cadd9][G][D][Cadd9][G][D] [Cadd9]How many days did I spend Thinkin' '[G]bout how you did me [D]
KkG, 4 / 07, 2024 Cadd9 D F G 402
[Am]I was in my new house placing [F]daydreams [Am]Patching up the crack [G]along the wall [Am]I p
KkG, 21 / 06, 2024 Am F G 484
[Am][F] [Am]I had died the tiniest death I spied the catch in your breath [F]Out, out, out, o
KkG, 6 / 06, 2024 Am F G 873
[C]You left your typewriter at my apartment [F]Straight from the tortured poets department [C]I
KkG, 6 / 06, 2024 Am C F G 882
[C][G][Am][F] [C]Long [G]may you reign You're [Am]an animal, you are [F]bloodthirsty [C]Out win
KkG, 12 / 05, 2024 Am C F G 1,254
Was [G]any of it true[D]? [G]Gazing at me st[D]arry-eyed In your Jeho[G]vah's Witness [D]suit W[G
Liz_Folklore, 9 / 05, 2024 C D Em G 5,628
Tone: [C] Capo 2 [C]Drownin' in the Blue Nile He sent me "Downtown Lig[F]hts" I hadn't heard i
1989, 19 / 04, 2024 Am Am7 C F G G/f# 5,538
Verse 1 Dm F The who's who of who's that Am G Is poised for the atack Dm
savantics, 19 / 04, 2024 Am C Dm F G G/b 6,477
-Intro- C G D C G D -Verse 1- C G C D I feel so high school
KkG, 25 / 04, 2024 Am C D Em G 4,398

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