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Posted songs of Taylor Swift

[C]Once upon a time, I [G]believe it was a [D]Tuesday when I [C]caught your eye And we caught [
Taylor Swift , 27 / 02, 2024 C D Em G 1,119
Capo: 3 Intro: [C][Fsus2][C][Fsus2] Verse 1: [C]Give me the [Fsus2]keys,[C] I'll bring the c
Taylor Swift , 2 / 02, 2024 Am C Dm F Fsus2 G 978
(Verse 1) It's been said and [Am]done Every [Dm]beautiful thought's been already sung And I guess
Taylor Swift , 1 / 12, 2023 Am C Dm E F G 1,109
(Verse 1) [C]Hit the ground, hit the ground, hit the ground, oh [G]oh Only sound, only sound t
Taylor Swift , 11 / 11, 2023 A Am C D F G 1,954
Intro [D] [D]I've known it from the very start [Am]We're a shot in the darkest dark [G]Oh n
Taylor Swift , 29 / 10, 2023 Am D G 11,656
(Intro) (Is it? [C]Is it? [F]Is it?[Am] Is it? [F]Is it?) (Verse 1) [C]Once the flight had flow
Taylor Swift , 27 / 10, 2023 Am C F G 19,927
Intro: [C][F] (Verse 1) [C]You went to a party I heard from everybody[F] You part the crowd l
Taylor Swift , 27 / 10, 2023 Am C F G 5,858
(Intro) [G]Everybody's waiting [D]Everybody's watching [Em]Even when you're sleeping [C]Keep y
Taylor Swift , 12 / 10, 2023 C D Em G 3,782
(Verse 1) [C]Good girl, sad boy Big city, wrong choices [Am]We had one thing going on I swear
Taylor Swift , 14 / 09, 2023 Am C F G 4,072
[C]Say you're sorry, that [F]face of an angel Comes [Am]out just when you need it [F]to [C]As I pa
Taylor Swift , 14 / 09, 2023 Am C D F G 2,954

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