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Cage The Elephant

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Intro D Dmaj7 Em G A Verse 1 D Dmaj7 Did you stand there all alon
Bro, 8 / 11, 2022 A Bm D Dmaj7 Em F#m G 4,211
Intro: Bm Am C Em C B Am D G E Verse 1: Em Sweet
Tobi, 26 / 04, 2023 Am B Bm C D E Em G 2,174
Intro: Bm7 Em7 Em Em6 Gb7 Verse 1: Bm7 Em7 Em Em6
Tobi, 13 / 07, 2023 A A7 Bm Bm7 D D7 Em Em6 Em7 G Gb Gb7 1,695
Intro: [Am] [Em] [Dm] [Am] Verse 1: [Am]Time shakes, found you at the [Em]water At first you w
dimitri, 17 / 06, 2023 Am Dm E7 Em F 1,337
Intro -x4-: Ab Gb Gb Db B Verse: Ab Gb Tonight I’ll have a look Gb
Tobi, 24 / 05, 2023 Ab B Db Gb 1,045
Verse: A Db D A Tonight, bleeding from the holes in my face Db
Tobi, 10 / 04, 2023 A D Db E Gbm 1,019
Intro - x4 -: A Dbm Verse: A Dbm Shake me down A Not alot of Dbm A
Tobi, 2 / 03, 2024 A Bm D Dbm E Gbm 402