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Beautiful (Goblin OST)

A Crush Ballad
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    Tone Bb: Capo 1 đánh A cho dễ nha
    It's a beautiful [A] life
    Nan [C#m] neoui gyeote [F#m] isseulge
    It's a beautiful [Bm] life
    Neoui [A] dwie seo [E] isseulge
    Beautiful [A] love, aa haa [C#m] haaa
    Haneulalae [F#m] neowa [D] issdamyeon
    [Bm] Sumswineungeosma-[A] neulodo [E] joha
    It`s a beautiful [A] life, beautiful [E] day
    Neoui gieogeseo [F#m] naega [D] saltende
    Beautiful [A] life, beautiful [C#] day
    Nae gyeoteseo [F#m] meomulleoj-[B] wo
    Beautiful my [Bm] love, [A] haaa
    Beautiful your [D] heart, [A] haaa
    It's a beautiful [A] life, haaa [E] haaa.. [F#m] ha
    It's a [A] beautiful life, haaa [E] [F#m] haaa.
    Verse 2
    It's a beautiful [A] life
    [C#m] Eonjena neol [F#m] jikyeojulge..
    It's a beautiful [Bm] life
    Naege [A] gidaelsuga [E] issge
    Bridge 2
    Beautiful [A] love, aa haa [C#m] haaa
    Neoui [F#m] nunmul neoui [D] misodo
    [Bm] Gyeoteseo hamkke hal su [A] issdo-[E] log
    Chorus 2
    It`s a beautiful [A] life, beautiful [E] day
    Michidolog [F#m] neol salanghaesseossdeon [D] nal
    Beautiful life, [A] beautiful [C#] day
    Neoleul [F#m] ilhgo sipji an-[B] ha
    Beautiful my [Bm] love.. [A]
    Beautiful your [D] heart, [A] haaa
    It`s a beautiful [F#m] life
    Sesange [E] neowa dalmeun [A] chueo-[D] gi
    Tto [A] deonggeuleoni
    Naege [C#] namgyeojyeoisseo.. [F#m] noo [B] hooo
    Neowaui [Bm] gieog.. [A] neowaui [D] chueog..
    Chorus 3
    It`s a sorrowful [A] life, sorrowful [E] day
    Seulpeumeul igiji [F#m] moshaneun [D] naege
    Sorrowful life, [A] sorrowful [C#] day
    Nae gyeoteseo [F#m] tteonaji-[B] ma
    [Bm] [A] Chueogsoge..
    Naega [D]salji..
    [D] Hoohoo, it's a beautiful life..


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    Updated 2017-02-16
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