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How did it end

[F] [Dm] [Am] [G]
[F] [Dm] [Am] [G]
(Verse 1)
[F]We hereby conduct
[Dm]This post-mortem
[Am]He was a hot house[G] flower to my outdoorsmen
[F]Our maladies were such
[Dm]We could not cure them
[Am]And so a touch that was
my birthright became [G]foreign
[F]Come one, come all
[Dm]It's happenin' again
The [Am]empathetic [G]hunger descends
[F]We'll tell no one
[Dm]Except all of our friends
[Am]We must know
[G]How did it end?[F]
(Uh-[Dm]oh,[Am] uh-oh)[G]
(Verse 2)
[F]We were blind to unforeseen [Dm]circumstances
[Am]We learned thе right steps to
different [G]dancеs (Oh, oh-oh)
[F]And fell victim to [Dm]interloper's glances
[Am]Lost the game of
chance, [G]what are the chances?
[F]Soon, they'll go home to their husbands
[Dm]Smug 'cause they know they can trust him
[Am]Then feverishly calling
their cousins [G](Oh, oh)
[F]Guess who we ran into [Dm]at the shops?
[Am]Walking in circles [G]like she was lost
[F]Didn't you hear?
[Dm]They called it all off
[Am]One gasp and then
[G]How did it end?[F] [Dm] [Am] [G]
[F] [Dm] [Am] [G]
[F]Say it once again with feeling
[Dm]How the death rattle breathing
[Am]Silenced as the soul was leaving
[G]The deflation of our dreaming
[F]Leaving me bereft and reeling
[Dm]My beloved ghost and me
[Am]Sitting in a tree
[F]It's happenin' again
[G]How did it end?[F] [Dm]
[Am]I can't pretend like I understand
[G]How did it end?
[F]Come one, come all
[Dm]It's happenin' again
The [Am]empathetic [G]hunger descends
[F]We'll tell no one
[Dm]Except all of our friends
[Am]But I still don't know
[G]How did it end?
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Updated 2024-04-20
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Author: Taylor Swift Genre: Slow Favorite: 4
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