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The Black Dog

Tone: [C]
[C] [C]
[C]I am someone who until rec[C/B]ent events
You shared your secr[Am]ets with
And your loc[G]ation, you forgot to turn it off [C]
And so I watch as [C/B]you walk
Into some bar called The Bla[Am]ck Dog
And pierce new holes in my [G] heart
You forgot to turn it [F]off [Am] [G].. and it hits me
I [F]just don't und[Am]ersta[G]nd how you don't
[C]Miss me, in The [C/B]Black Dog, when
[Am]someone plays "The Sta[F]rting Line"
And you [C]jump up, but she's [C/B]too young to kno[Am]w this song
That was [F]intertwined in the [C]magic fabr[C/B]ic of our drea[Am]ming [F]
[C]Old hab[C/B]its die screa[Am]ming [F]
[C]I move through the world with a heart bro[C/B]ken
My longing state uns[Am]poken
And I may never op[G]en up thе way I did for you [C]
And all of those best la[C/B]id plans
You said I needed a br[Am]avе man
Then proceeded to pl[G]ay him
Until I believed it t[F]oo [Am]
And it kil[G]ls me
I ju[F]st don't und[Am]ersta[G]nd.. how you don't
[C]Miss me, in the sho[C/B]wer and rem[Am]ember how my rain-soa[F]ked body
Was sha[C]kin', do you ha[C/B]te me?
Was it haz[Am]ing for a cr[F]uel fraternity?
[C]I pledged and [C/B]I still me[Am]an it [F]
[C]Old habi[C/B]ts die scre[Am]ami[F]ng
[Am]Six weeks of breathin' cle[F]an air
I still miss the smo[C]ke
Were you makin' fun of m[G]e, with some esoteric jo[Am]ke?
Now I wanna sell my ho[F]use
And set fire to all my cl[C]othes
And hire a pri[G]est to come and exorcise my dem[F]ons [Am] [G]
Even if I die scre[C]am[C/B]ing [Am] [F]
And I hope yo[C]u hea[C/B]r it [Am] [F]
And then I hope it's shi[C]tty in The Bla[C/B]ck Dog
When som[Am]eone plays "The Sta[F]rting Line"
And you ju[C]mp up, but she's to[C/B]o young to kn[Am]ow this song
That was [F]intertwined in the [C]tragic fabr[C/B]ic of our dre[Am]aming [F]
Cause' ta[C]il between your le[C/B]gs, you're lea[Am]vin' [F]
[C]I still ca[C/B]n't belie[Am]ve it [F]
'Cause o[C]ld habi[C/B]ts die scre[Am]aming [F]
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Updated 2024-04-20
Views: 4,178 Poster: 1989 (Tobi approved)
Author: Taylor Swift Genre: Folk pop Favorite: 8
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