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Privately Owned Spiral Galaxy

Am Crywank C#m Vote rhythm
Tone: [Am]
Capo: 4
Intro -x2-:
[Am] [C] [F] [C] [Em]
[Am]Thought cycle gusty a m[C]mind filled with hot air.
Must I [F]care for nothing more than mys[C]myself? Do I d[Em]dare
admit the [Am]fraught thoughts cavorting? Resorting in [C]inner-directed mourning
for the [F]part of me that was selfless but [C]left without a [Em]warning.
Well [Am]that’s what I said, but maybe it’s the f[C]fact that I detest
this [F]obsession with myself that leaves a [C]mess inside my [Em]head.
Oh xxxx I’m [Am]doing it again, repelling a[C]any potential friend,
revealing [F]my innate ability to [C]never fully compre[Em]comprehend
[Am]anything bigger than myself, but in the [C]end I still pretend.
Condesc[F]Condescending anyone polite enough to choose to miss[C]misspend their [Em]time
[Am]watching me as I achieve my s[C]secret social mission.
To d[F]rain people with my boring s[C]tories and opini[Em]ons.
To [Am]see the bigger picture takes i[C]intelligence and wisdom,
but I [F]won’t see nothing more with just mys[C]myself in my vis[Em]vision.
[Am] [C] [F] [C] [Am] [C] [F] [C] [Em]
I go outs[Am]ide a blitz of faces unwil[C]ling to confess to any emp[F]athy,
endlessly incessantl[C]incessantly declining a[Em]any pleasantries.
[Am]Heavily breathing, socially [C]teething. I’m open like a vivis[F]vivisection.
Intense tendency to dwe[C]dwell, seething [Em]over missed connections.
[Am]Infected by my per[C]perceptions that I’m a non-entity,
[F]project my insecurity until [C]intensity is [Em]weaponry.
[Am]Grieving a heavenly fiction I perc[C]perceived whilst I was dreaming.
Aw[F]ake! Freezing, wheezing, fu[C]ndamentally I’m still b[Em]elieving that,
[Am]this is an elegy for concepts I [C]conceived in deep sleep,
as I [F]helplessly watch them fade whilst I a[C]awake, I try and [Em]keep them alive.
[Am]Incomparable with [C]life but eventually they die
and the [F]brain I used to cultivate re[C]reveals my lovers [Em]were a lie. |
[Am] [C] [F] [C] [Am] [C] [F] [C] [Em]
[Am]When inside my mind I find a w[C]way to replicate reality.
[F]Through lucid dreaming I decimate t[C]the limitations of [Em]actuality.
[Am]Capacity practically et[C]eternal, mortality ex[F]external,
no god but I investigate [C]the blasphemous worship of [Em]the nocturnal.
[Am]Internally existing without moral[C]morality creates profanities without the [F]travesty
and compared to the apathy of [C]realness I r[Em]reveal my own ins[Am]insanity.
The majesty of f[C]fantasy protects me from t[F]tragedy.
Normality's effects rej[C]reject the agony of ra[Em]rationality.
Which t[Am]thankfully penetrates with no a[C]avail to my unreality,
an elabo[F]rately designed privately o[C]wned spiral gal[Em]axy.
[Am]Financially I’m failing, n[C]naturally decaying.
[F]Soon I’ll have no safe place to sl[C]sleep if these bills st[Em]still need paying,
[Am]displaying cravings with open e[C]eyes for something mind expanding
for [F]when I drift away I see the to[C]totality of unders[Em]understanding.
[Am] [C] [F] [C]
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Updated 2023-05-14
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