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An ode to l'manburg

Tone: [C]
capo 2
It [G]all started o[Am]on a day l[C]like any other
[ G]All the salm[Am]salmon had swum [C]to the sea
[ G]When my lov[Am]lover she d[C]darted, away down the stream
Wit[G]h a heart that sh[C]e'd taken f[G]rom me
[G] [Am] [C] [G] [C] [G]
And[G] my chest though[Am] it ached, th[C]ere was hope
[G]a littl[Am]little beacon [C]of light
[ ]Tho[G]ugh my su[Am]nniest days were now stol[C]en away
[G]I still had ou[C]our son by m[G]my side
[ ]And[C]And as he looked up at me, with[Gbdim]with those wondering eyes
I j[Am]just knew that I must prot[C]protect him with my life
[ ]And [G]make a land t[Am]that is good
[ ]And a [C]land that is free
[ Am]For the bet[C]better of you [G]and of me
We[C]We'll build these walls, with [G]our own fair hands
[ C]Through the wind and the rai[G]rain and the snow
An[Am]And I swear on my life, that I[C]I'll stay by your side
[ Am]Through wha[C]whatever the wor[G]world has to throw
[G] [Am] [C] [G] [C] [G]
S[G]o I summoned[Am] my men t[C]o my side
And[G] we sun[Am]g a famil[C]iar tune
A[G]As a final [Am]goodbye, with our fists to [C]the sky
To [G]our past as[C]as we start[G]started anew
[C]We built these walls, with o[G]our own fair hands
[ C]Through the wind and the rai[G]rain and the snow
And[Am]And we swore that we'd keep a[C]an unwavering faith
To [Am]the land that[C]that we carved fo[G]for a home
[G] [Am] [Em] [C] [Cm] [G] [Am] [D] [Adim7] [Em]
[G] [Am] [Em] [C] [Cm] [G] [Am] [Cm] [Am] [Adim7] [Gbdim] [Em] [E7]
[ Am]Oh, the dawn of the day s[C]set our country aflame
As [G]the sun r[Bm]rose bloody [Em]and true[E7]true
Arr[Am]Arrows burned through the skies, as[C]as we swallowed our pride
And[G]And we ran with [Bm]our backs to [E7]the moon
To[Am]To our demise...
[ Cm]From a friend full of lies...
[ G]Oh, the break [Am]of the day sh[C]shed it's light
On[G]On our hearts [Am]left battered[Cm]battered and bruised
[ G]All the hopes tha[Am]that we'd laid, on the home t[C]that we made
Tor[G]Torn to pieces [C]and left in the b[G]blue...
But[G] my friend with[Am] an a[C]ngry cry
[ ]He[G]Held the weight [Am]of our world[C]world at his side
Too[G]k a trembl[Am]ing stand, with an arrow[C] in hand
As[G] he muttere[Cm]d a fi[G]nal goodbye...
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Updated 2023-01-12
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