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Tone: [Bbm]
[Bbm]you’ve all seen my
hands[Db] an[Ab]d told me you’re sorry[Eb]
[Bbm]you’ve seen my smile[Db]smile and you scream[Ab]screamed
[Bbm]i’ve cut my teeth[Db] on[Ab] buttons and secret[Eb]s
[Bbm]so i’ll cover my mouth[Db]mouth and
drink ‘til i [Ab]forget to breathe
[Bbm]you know me no[Db]now
[Ab]this body i’m i[Eb]in
[Bbm]i wish i knew h[Db]how
[Ab]to shed this poison s[Eb]skin
i am a[Bbm]a thief, i am a li[Db]liar
i found a [Ab]friend after the f[Eb]fire
now i can [Bbm]hide
you’ll offer [Db]protection
so i[Ab]i’ll stay until i f[Eb]find
the way to my resurrection
[Bbm]you’re covered in dirt[Db]dirt, a[Ab]and i hate the water [Eb]
[Bbm]we both know it hu[Db]hurts to be see[Ab]seen
[Bbm]now you know that i’ve d[Db]drowned
in this ri[Ab]river and a sea of angry fa[Eb]faces
[Bbm]you’ve shown me your sha[Db]shame
now i need you to h[Ab]help me wash mine cle[Eb]clean
[Bbm]'cause you know me no[Db]now
[Ab]you didn’t know me t[Eb]then
[Bbm]you say you love me n[Db]now
[Ab]but you don’t remember[Eb]remember when
i was a[Bbm]a wife, i was a mo[Db]mother
i was [Ab]alive
now i’m a m[Eb]monster
i’d do it [Bbm]again for my son and l[Db]lover
and i’[Ab]i’ll find my way to them[Eb]them
on the day of my resurrection
[Bbm]you all know my name[Db]name
[Ab]well, both that i’ve to[Eb]told you
[Bbm]you tell me i’m brav[Db]brave, when before i was no[Ab]not-t-
[Bbm]it’s been a long time[Db]time si[Ab]since i’ve had a family [Eb]
[Bbm]and now i have two t[Db]to take care of
to remind [Ab]me when i have for[Eb]forgot
that [Bbm]you know me n[Db]now
[Ab]and still you call me [Eb]a friend
[Bbm]you made me a vo[Db]vow
and yo[Ab]you’ll keep it ‘til my e[Eb]end
then in the[Bbm]the clay we find an answe[Db]answer
i was a dr[Ab]drunk, i was a mons[Eb]monster
now again i’m a [Bbm]wife
again i’m a m[Db]mother
and i[Ab]i feel myself agai[Eb]again
[Eb]-i will feel myself again-
[Eb]-I will find myself again-
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Updated 2022-11-11
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Author: Lilli Furfaro Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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