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Tone: [C]
[C]I'll be [Dm]your dis[C]distraction[Dm]traction
[C]I'll be [Dm]your dis[C]distraction[Dm]traction
Verse 1:
[C] There's a field near [G]by
[G] with words written in stone
[C] My love will not die
[G] please let it be known
[C] This place is [G]dead
it echoes through town
[C] There isn't one voice
[G] I haven't heard a sound
[C] The planes flew in
[Dm] their bombs did too
[C] The city fell flat
[F] the fires they grew
[C] When the smoke comes in
[Dm] it'll color this town
[C] But I'll still have you
[F] so i'll say it aloud
(Repeat Chorus)
Verse 2:
[C] The friendships we made
[G] is a waste of our time
[C] There's no one left here
[G] to show a future that's kind
[C] Its a world of hate
[G] gone incredibly wrong
[C] We cared too late
[G] we just followed along
[C] And the boys went down
[Dm] with a gun in their hand
[C] Their weapon of choice
[F] their knees in the sand
[C] If that field nearby[Dm]nearby was
still there to be used
[C] Would you ever have known
[F] those words are for you
(Repeat Chorus)
[C] [Dm] [C/E] [Dm] [C] [Dm] [C/E] [F]
(Repeat Chorus twice)
[C]I'll be
[G]I'll be yours[C]yours [G]
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Updated 2022-06-20
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Author: Angels & Airwaves Genre: Rock Ballad Favorite: 0
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