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We're Just Making It Worse

Tone: [E]
(cameron Avery)
[E]And I don't wanna believe it
So don't, don't let me see it
When you're with [Am]him [G#m]
And I won't bring [C#m]her
Let's not make it [F#m]worse
Let's [B]give ourselves some [E]time...
(Alexandra Savior)
[E]To start again
[E]And I don't know what your papa taught you
But, honey, don't, don't you be cruel
Don't let me see you with [Am]her [G#m]
And I won't bring [C#m]him
Don't make this a [F#m]thing
Let's [B]give ourselves some [E]time...
(Cameron Avery)
[E]To start again
Our [C#m]mistakes and choices we [F#m]make
Or chances we [B]take
Without thinking it [E]through
(Alexandra Savior)
It wasn't me, neither [C#m]
No, this ain't a [F#m]thing
I'm just trying to [B]begin, [E]again
(Cameron Avery)
[E]But don't come here with him
(Alexandra Savior)
And I could have played it better
I kind of wish that I never met her
(Cameron Avery)
But don't hold hands with [Am]him [G#m]
(Alexandra Savior)
And you don't with...
(Cameron Avery and Alexandra Savior)
[C#m]her, let's not make it [F#m]worse
Let's [B]give ourselves some [E]time
To start again...
(Cameron Avery)
[E]And I know that it's only dancing
But don't let me see you romancing
'Cause I'm only [Am]human [G#m]
I can't play it [Am]cool [C#]when
(Cameron Avery, Alexandra Savior)
I [C#m]know there's something still [F#m]
I know you still [B]care
(Alexandra Savior)
I know she can't [E]hold you like I [C#m]can
(Cameron Avery)
Honey I'm your [F#m]man, you know that I [B]am
(Cam Avery, Alexandra Savior)
You just gotta [E]take me back for [C#m]good
If only you [F#m]would
(Alexandra Savior)
But I'm here with [B]him
(Cameron Avery)
And I am with [E]her
(Cameron Avery, Alexandra Savior)
We're just making it [E]worse
We're just making it [E]worse
We're just making it [E]worse
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Updated 2022-06-15
Views: 16 Poster: honeydew (Tobi approved)
Author: Cam Avery Genre: Indie Favorite: 0
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