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Tick, Tick...Boom!

[C]Stop the clock, [Fsus2]take time out
[C]Time to regroup be[Fsus2]before you lose the bout
[C]Freeze the frame, [Fsus2]back it up
[C5]Time to refocus be[Fsus2]before they wrap it up
[G]Years are getting [G/F]shorter, [G]
lines on your face are [G/F]getting longer [G]
Feel like you're [G/F]treading water,[Em7]water, but
the rip tide's [E]getting stronger [F]
Don't panic, don't jump ship [Dm7]
Can't fight it, like taxes [Bb/Eb]
At least it happens only [F/Bb]once in your [Gsus]life [G] [C]
They're singing "[Am7]"Happy Birthday," [Em]
you just want to [F]lay down and cry [C]
Not just an[Fm7]another birthday,[Dm7]birthday, it's thirty [C/F]nine[G]ty
[C]Why can't you stay [Am7]twenty-nine?
Hell, [Em]you still feel like [F]you're twenty-two [C]
Turn thirty, [Am7]nineteen ninety, [Dm]bang!
You're dead, what [F]can [G]you [C5]do?
What can [Fsus2]you [C5]do?
What can you [Fsus2]do? [C]
Clear the runway, make an[F]another pass [C]
Try one more approach be[F]before you're out of gas
[G]Friends are getting [G/F]fatter, [G]hairs
on your head are [G/F]getting thinner [G]
Feel like a [G/F]cleanup batter[Em7]batter on a team that [E]ain't a winner? [F]
Don't freak out, don't strike out [Dm7]
Can't fight it, like city [Bb/Eb]hall
At least you're not alone, your [F/Bb]friends are there [Gsus]too [G] [C]
They're singing "[Am7]"Happy birthday"
[Em]You just wish you [F]could run away [C]
Who cares a[Am7]about a birthday? [Dm7]
But thirty [C/F]nine[G]ninety, [C]hey!
Can you be [Am7]optimistic?
[Em]You're no longer [F]the ingenue [C]
Turn thirty, [G/A]nineteen nine[Am]ninety
You're passe! [Fsus2]
What [G]can [C5]you do?
What can [Fsus2]you [C5]do?
What can you [Fsus2]do? [E] [D] [A] [G]
[Dm]Peter Pan and [G]Tinker Bell, which [C]way to Never [F]Never Land?
[Bb]Em'rald City's [Eb]gone to hell, [Ab]since
the wizard [F]blew off [C/E]his command [Dm]
On the street you [G]hear the voices:[C]voices: lost children, [F]crocodiles
[Bb]You're not into[Eb]into making choices, wicked
witches, [Cm7]poppy fields, or men behind the curtain
[Ab]Tiger lilies, ruby slippers
[Fm7]Clock is ticking, [G]that's for [G/A]certain [D]
They're singing "[Bm7]"Happy Birthday"
[F#m]I wish it [G]all were a dream [D]
It feels much [Bm7]more like doomsday [Em]
Fuck thirty [D/G]nine[A]ninety!
[D]Seems like I'm in [Bm7]for a twister,
[F#m]I don't see a [G]rainbow, do you? [D]
Turn thirty [Bm7]in the nineties
[Em]Into my hands now the ball is passed
I [Bm]want the spoils but not too fast
The [Em]world is calling, it's now at Never[Bm]Neverland
Why can't I stay a child forever? [Em]And thirty ninety
Thirty ninety,[Bm/F#] thirty ninety, thirty
ninety,[G] thirty ninety, thirty thirty nine[G/A]ty!
What can I [D5]do?[Gsus2]do? [D5]
What can I [Gsus2]do? [D2]
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Updated 2022-01- 6
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