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As long as you love me

Tone: [C]
[F]As [C]lon[Am]long as[G]as you love me
Verse 1
Although l[Am]loneliness has always been a f[F]friend of mine
I'm [G]leavin' my life in your [C]hands [G/B]
[Am]People say I'm crazy and that [F]I am blind
[G]Risking it all in a [C]glance [G/B]
And [Am]how you got me blind is still a [F]mystery
I [G]can't get you out of my [C]head [G/B]
[Am]Don't care what is written in your [F]history
As lo[G]long as you're [C]here with me
Chorus 1
I don't care [F]who you are
Wh[C]Where you're from
Wh[Am]What you did
As lon[G]long as you love me
Wh[F]Who you are
Wh[C]Where you're from
Don't care wh[Am]what you did
As lon[G]long as you love me
Verse 2
Every lit[Am]little thing that you have said [F]and done
Feel[G]Feels like it's deep within [C]me [G/B]
[Am]Doesn't really matter if you'r[F]you're on the run
[G]It seems like we're [C]meant to be [G/B]
I don't care wh[F]who you are (who you are)
Wh[C]Where you're from (where you're from)
Wh[Am]What you did
As lo[G]long as you love me (I don't know)
Wh[F]Who you are (who you are)
Wh[C]Where you're from (where you're from)
Don't care what[Am/F]what you did [Am/E]
As lo[G/D]ng as you lo[G/C]ve me ([G/B]yeah)
[F] [C] [Am] [G] [F] [C] [Am] [Am/E] [E]
[Am] I've tried to hide it so that [C]no one knows
But I [F]guess it shows
When you [F]look in[G]into my eyes
[Am] What you did and where you're [C]comin from
I don't [F#7b5]care, as[Fmaj7]as long as you [G]love me, ba[F]baby [C] [Am] [G]
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Updated 2021-02-18
Views: 23 Poster: Thomas Mann (Tobi approved)
Author: Backstreet Boys Genre: Pop Favorite: 1
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