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A love to Share

E Rico Blanco E Vote rhythm
Tone: [E]
Intro :
[E] [C#m] [B]
If I could take [E]ov[C#m]over
this world that we're [B]in
[E]I wanna reach out to
every hu[C#m]human be[B]being
I'll take all the so[E]sorr[C#m]rrows
from every good[B]goodbye
I'll shed all the te[E]tears
so no one e[C#m]ever needs to cr[B]cry but
[E]Nobody c[C#m]cares for[B]for me
[E]nobody h[C#m]here need[B]needs me
[E]a love to[C#m]to share but nob[B]nobody
[E]nobody c[C#m]cares for[B]for me
I'll summon the [E]ocea[C#m]oceans
to drown every pai[B]pain
I wanna be she[E]shelter to the
[C#m]countless in [B]shame
erase every c[E]conflict[C#m]onflict from
every di[B]divide
I wanna give [E]every [C#m]bit of
me until I d[B]die
(Repeat Chorus)
Interlude: G#m-C#m-B-
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Updated 2021-02-13
Views: 39 Poster: Thomas Mann (Tobi approved)
Author: Rico Blanco Genre: Pop Rock Favorite: 1
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