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Everybody loves som body

C Dean Martin Eb Vote rhythm
Tone: [C]
Capo: 3
Fingerpicking/Strumming pattern: 4/4
1. E[C]verybody lo[E]ves somebody so[F]metime, [A]
e[Dm]verybody fa[Bb]lls in love some[G]how. [G7]
So[C]mething in your k[Em]iss just t[Dm]old me,
my some[G]sometime [G7] is [C]now. [G7]
2. Ev[C]erybody f[E]inds somebody som[F]eplace, [A]
th[Dm]ere's no telling wh[Bb]ere love may appe[G]ar. [G7]
So[C]Something in my [Em]heart keeps say[Dm]saying
my some[G]someplace [G7] is he[C]here.
[C]If I had it i[C7]in my po[C]power, [C7]
I would arr[F]ange for every g[A]irl to have your ch[Dm]arms.
Th[Am]Then every minute, every [Em]hour,
every b[Dm]oy would find what I'[A]ve found in your a[Dm]rms. [G]
3. Ev[C]erybody loves so[E]mebody somet[F]ime, [A]
[Dm]and although my dr[Bb]dream was overd[G]overdue, [G7]
yo[C]ur love made it we[Em]ll worth wait[F]ing,
for som[G]someone [G7] like y[C]you.
+ CHORUS + repeat verse 3
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Updated 2020-11- 9
Views: 37 Poster: Gilbert Oliel (Tobi approved)
Author: Irving Taylor Genre: Ballade Favorite: 1
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