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Father & Son

G Cat Stevens G Vote rhythm
Tone: [G]
It's not [G] time to make a [D]change, just [C]relax and take it [Am]easy
You're still [G]young that's your [Em]fault there's so [Am]much you have to [D]know
Find a [G]girl, settle [D]down, if you [C]want to, you can [Am]marry
Look at [G]me, I am [Em]old, but I'm [Am]happy [D]
I was [G]once like you are [D]now, and I [C]know that its not [Am]easy
to be [G]cal m, when you' ve [Em]found some thing [Am]g oing on [D]
But take your [G]time, think a [D]lot, why think of [C]everything
you've [Am]got
For you will [G]still be here [Em]tomorrow, but your [D]dreams may [G]not
G-C riff G-C riff
How can [G]I try to [Bm]explain? when I [C]do he turns [Am]away again
it's [G]always been the [Em]same, same old [Am]story [D]
From the [G]moment I could [Bm]talk I was [C]ordered to [Am]listen
now there's a [G]way and I [Em]know I [D]have to [G]go away
and I [D]know I [C]have to [G]go [C/G]----.
[G] [D] [C] [Am7] [G] [Em] [Am7] [D]
[G] [D] [C] [Am7] [G] [Em] [D] [G]
[D] [C] [G]
It's not [G]time to make a [D]change, just sit [C]down and [Am]take it slowly
You're still [G]young, that's [Em]your fault, there's so [Am]much you have
to go [D]through
Find a [G]girl, settle [D]down, if you [C]want, you can [Am]marry
Look at [G]me, I am [Em]old, but I'm [Am]happy [D]
All the [G]times that I've [Bm]cried, keeping [C]all the things I [Am]knew
It's [G]hard, but it's [Em]harder to [Am]ignore it [D]
If they were [G]right, I'd [Bm]agree, but it's [C]them they know, not [Am]me
Now there's a [G]way, and I [Em]know that I [D]have to [G]go away
I [D]know I [C]have to [G]go
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Updated 2020-10-14
Views: 93 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Cat Stevens Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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