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Mo[D]Mou anata kara aisa reru koto mo
Hi[C]Hitsuyou to [B]sa reru koto [Em]mo nai
Soshi[Gm]te watashi wa kous[D]hite hito[Bm]ri...[Em]botchi de [A]
An[D]Ano toki anata wa nanteittano?
To[C]Todokanai [B]kotoba wa chuu[Em]chuu o mau
Wa[Gm]Wakatterunoni kyou [D]mo shite sh[Bm]shimau
Ka[Em]Kanawanuneg[A]nawanunegai-goto [D]o
Gyut[F#]to te[Bm] o nigitte i[Am]te [D]
[G]Ana[F#]Anata [Bm]to fu[D]tari tsu[Em]dzuku to it[F#]te
S[Bm]ono-te wa a[Am]tata[D]kaku[G]te [Em]
[G] [A] [A#m] [Bm] [A] [G] [F#] [Am] [A]
A[D]Anata wa itsumo sou yatte watashi o
O[C]Okora sete [B]saigo ni na[Em]nakasu nda
Dake[Gm]Dakedo ato ni natte gom[D]gomen nette [Bm]iu
S[Em]ono-gao su[A]kidatt[D]a [E] [F#]
(Chorus 1)
Gyu[F#]tto sou[Bm] omoikki[Am]ri [D]
[G]Ana[F#]Anata [Bm]no u[D]de no na[Em]ka ni it[F#]ai
Fu[G]Futari [F#]de
O[Bm]deko o a[Am]wase[D]naga[G]ra [Em]
Ne[F#]Nemuru [G]no
Mounidoto [E]wa [F#]aena[Am]aenai tte [D]koto [G]o shitt[F#]shitteta [Bm]no?
[Bm] [A#m] [D] [E] [G] [A] [B]
(Chorus 2 + Outro)
Gyu[G#]Gyutto [C#m]anata ga su[Bm]suki [E]
M[A]ou[G#] ic[C#m]hido [E]datte w[F#m]arattekurenai [G#]no
Ana[A]Anata [G#]no
N[C#m]Nukumori ga [Bm]kiec[E]hau mae n[A]i [F#m]
[A] [G#] [C#m] [Cm] [Bm] [E] [A] [G#] [F#m] [G#]
[A] [G#] [C#m] [Cm] [Bm] [E] [A] [G#] [F#m] [D]
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Updated 2020-10- 7
Views: 60 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: EGOIST Genre: Japanese Favorite: 0
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