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True Kinda Love

Tone [Bb]
Verse 1:
[Bb]Oh, when a difficult [Adim]day [D]goes [Gm]by
Keeping it [Fm]together is [Bb]hard, but that's [Eb]why
You've got to [Gbmaj7]try
You've got to [Bb]try
And [Bb]when there's a thundering [Adim]storm [D]out [Gm]side
Underneath the [Fm]covers, you [Bb]huddle and [Eb]hide
Open your [Gbmaj7]eyes
Open your [Bb]eyes
It's the [Gm]true [Bb], it's the [Gm]true [Bb]
It's the [Gm]true [Bb]kinda [Adim]love [D]
It's the [Gm]true [Bb], it's the [Gm]true [Bb]
It's the [Gm]true [Bb]kinda [Adim]love [D]
Verse 2:
[Bb]Stuck in the middle of [Adim]fear [D]and [Gm]shame
Everybody's [Fm]looking for [Bb]someone to [Eb]blame
Like it's a [Bbmaj7]game
Like it's a [Bb]game
And [Bb]now I am better than " [Adim]win- [D]or- [Gm]lose"
There's a new [Fm]direction that [Bb]I'd like to [Eb]choose
It's called the [Gbmaj7]truth
It's called the [Abmaj7]truth
improv section: [Bb] [Adim] [D] [Gm] [Fm] [Bb]x2
[Bb] [Adim] [D] [Gm] [Fm] [Bb]x3
[Eb] [Gbmaj7] [Abmaj7]
[Bbmaj7]Hey, you, show me that solvable [Ebmaj7]problem
[Ebmaj7]We can get through this
I'll [Ebm(maj7)]do the hardest part with [Gbmaj7b5]you
It's the [Gm]true [Bb], it's the [Gm]true [Bb]
It's the [Gm]true [Bb]kinda [Adim]love [D]
It's the [Gm]true [Bb], it's the [Gm]true [Bb]
It's the [Gm]true [Bb]kinda [Adim]love [D]
It's the [Gm]true [Bb], it's the [Gm]true [Bb]
It's the [Gm]true [Bb]kinda [Adim]love [D]
It's the [Gm]true [Bb], it's the [Gm]true [Bb]
It's the [Gm]true [Bb]kinda [Adim]love [D] [Gm]
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Updated 2020-09- 3
Views: 63 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Steven Universe Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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