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MYTH & ROID - L.L.L. ( Overlord ED )

Em MYTH & ROID Em Vote rhythm
[Em]Don't you [Em/G]give me your [B]love and passion?
(Intro with into-verb)
(Be[C](Believe in love, [B]even though
There're [Em]borders and di[A]disturbance and more
I'm the [C]only one [B]who loves you
Be[C]Because I'm [D]crazy [B/D#]about [Em]you)
Let's [Em]ride to hell. tsui[G]tsuishou shite Go
[C/F#]issho nara mushiro s[Fmaj7]shinitai janai
Be[Em]Beyond the line ha[G]hate nanka nai
I [C]swear, I'm gonna be [B]so f**king grateful
[Em]Blessing word a[G]anata wa shikou
[C/F#]meirei ni Your highness ch[Fmaj7]chuujitsu ni Follow
[Em]You give orders wa[G]watashi wa shinai
[C]nani yori tou[B]toutoi mono yo
*Only Bass*
[D]You don't know [Em]why [D]my love is [Em]crying
*Full Chords*
[D]gyouchaku s[Em]shitai ka[D]kajou na [Em]kurai
[D]Don't wanna [Em]die, [D]don't wanna [Em]cry
[D]S**t! [C]mousou [D]kurui sou y[B]yo
[Cmaj7]Don't you give me your [B]love and passion?
[G6]ai to wa boudou [A]shoudou Let go
[C] kokoro i[B]ijou ni hon'nou,
ha[Em6]haato made More you[Em/D]youkyuu shitai
I [Cmaj7]don't want to live in a [B]world without you
[G6]anata igai no ko[A]kono mirai wo
[C]Kill it, [B]kill it
[C]I would be [D]happy to [B/D#]kill it for my [Em]love
(Pre-outro with ending-verb)
[Em] [Em/F] [Em] [Em/F]
[Em] [Em/F] [Em] [Em/G] [Em/A] [Em/B]
(I'm [Em]imaging now. [Em/F]if you're mine,
It's like a [Em]paradise and [Em/F]haven and more
You're the [Em]only man [Em/F]who I love
In my [Em]life and [Em/G]desti[Em/A]destiny and [Em/B]all)
[Em]Don't you give me your [B/D#]love and passion?
I [D]know the border. It [A]should be wrecked, go
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Updated 2020-09- 3
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Author: MYTH & ROID Genre: Japanese Favorite: 0
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