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Tone: (G)
(Verse 1)
[F] [E] [G] The waiting drove me mad
[F] [E] [G] you're finally here and I'm a mess
[F] [E] [G] I take your entrance back
[F] [E] [G] can't let you roam inside my head
(Chorus 1)
[Cadd9]I don't want to [G/B]take what [Am7]you ca[G]can give
[Cadd9]I would rather s[G/B]tarve than[Am7] eat you[G]r bread
[Cadd9]I would rather r[G/B]un but I[Am7] can't[G] walk
[Cadd9]Guess I'll lie a[G/B]alone just [Am7]like b[G]before
(Verse 2)
[F] [E] [G] I'll take the varmint's path... [F]oh[E]oh a[G]and I must refuse your test
[F]Pu[E]sh[G] me and I will resist... th[F]is[E] b[G]ehavior's not unique
(Chorus 2)
[Cadd9]I don't want to [G/B]hear from [Am7]those wh[G]who know
[Cadd9]They can buy, bu[G/B]t can't pu[Am7]t on m[G]y clothes
[Cadd9]I don't want to [G/B]limp for t[Am7]them to[G]to walk
[Cadd9]Never would have[G/B]have known of [Am7]me bef[G]before
[Cadd9]I don't want to [G/B]be held in[Am7]in your [G]debt
[Cadd9]And I'll pay it [G/B]off in blo[Am7]blood, le[G]let I be wed
[Cadd9]And I'm already [G/B]cut up and[Am7]and half [G]dead
[Cadd9]I'll end up alon[G/B]alone like I b[Am7]began [G]
[G] [Cadd9]
[G]Everything has changed, a[Cadd9]absolutely nothing's changed
Take my [G]hand, light my picture[Cadd9]picture, spilled my tincture
(Chorus 3)
[Cadd9]I don't want to [G/B]take what [Am7]you ca[G]can give
[Cadd9]I would rather s[G/B]tarve than[Am7] eat y[G]our breast
[Cadd9]All the things t[G/B]that others[Am7]others want [G]for me
[Cadd9]Can't buy what I[G/B] want beca[Am7]use it[G]'s free... (2x)
[Cadd9]Can't be what you want be[G/B]because I'm ! (STOP)
(Verse 3)
[F] [E] [G] I ain't s'posed to be just fun
[F] [E] [G] Oh, to live and die, let it be done
[F] [E] [G] I figure I'll be damned, all alone like I began...
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Updated 2020-06-23
Views: 47 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Pearl Jam Genre: US-UK , Rock Favorite: 0
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