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Your Love

Tone: [Gm]
Fingerpicking/Strumming pattern:
[Gm7]Your looks [Cm7]could kill [F7]the pain [Bbmaj7]I feel,
[Gm7]Your thrills [Cm7]are all i [F7]wanna gain [Bbmaj7].
[Gm7]I've been [Cm7]hoping [F7]and soul [Bbmaj7]searching
[Gm7]To find [Cm7]it in [F7]the one [Bbmaj7]
[Cm7]I am [Em7]wondering, [Gm7]how you [F7]wandered in
[Cm7]I am asking [Em7]are you staying, [Gm7]or would you like to stay in[F7]..
Cause I..
[Gm7]Love to live and I live for you[Cm7],
[F7]I live to love and I love you[Bbmaj7] x2
Oooooh etc...
[Gm7]Your lips [Cm7]could heal [F7]the scars [Bbmaj7]they deal,
[Gm7]Youre unreal, [Cm7]its so surreal [F7]that youre mine[Bbmaj7].
[Gm7]I've been [Cm7]wishing [F7]and day [Bbmaj7]dreaming
[Gm7]Ineffable, [Cm7]unexplainable, [F7]come rain or shine[Bbmaj7] oh
[Gm7]I'll Love to live, I'll live for you[Cm7]
[F7]I'll live to love, I'll love you[Bbmaj7] x2
Oooooooh etc x2
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Updated 2020-06-22
Views: 44 Poster: htnguyen197 (Tobi approved)
Author: Daithi De Nogla Genre: Pop Favorite: 0
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