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I Wrote A Song Using Only Hate Comments

F Madilyn Bailey F Vote rhythm
(Shout out to all my haters.)
[F] [Dm] [Am] [C]
You're [F]starting to look [Dm]like a heroin [Am]addict, no [C]offense
You're [F]1% good at [Dm]singing‚ [Am]no [C]offense
[F]Stop. [Dm]Please
[Am]Ahhhhh [C]poison for my [F]ears... [Dm] [Am] [C]...
Have you [F]ever considered to [Dm]get breast [Am]implant‚ no [C]offense
Is [F]there a deformity [Dm]in your [Am]lips ‚ no [C]offense
[F]Stop [Dm]please [Am]you are [C]destroying [F]everything.. [Dm].. [Am]sorry [C]... but
[F]Nah nah nah [Dm]nah nah [Am]nah nah, [C]no [F]offense.. [Dm]
You ruined [Am]this just my own [C]preference
Nah [F]nah nah nah [Dm]nah nah [Am]nah, [C]no [F]offense [Dm]
wish you would [Am]quit this sound like [C]sh*t‚ no [F]offense
I miss the [F]old you i hate the [Dm]new you
Too much [Am]autotune out of tune you look like a [C]cartoon
No boobs[F] snaggle tooth [Dm]what kind of sharpie they used
[Am]Super poop super pale personally i [C]hate your hair
[F]Boooooooooo.. [Dm]..[Am]you suck this[C] one made me throw [F] [Dm]up, [Am]yuck
But [F]nah nah nah[Dm] nah nah [Am]nah nah, [C]no [F]offense[Dm]
Just one [Am]suggestion‚ have some singing [C]lessons
Nah[F] nah nah nah[Dm] nah nah [Am]nah, [C]no[F] offense[Dm]
My ears [Am]RIP I hate [C]this no[F] offense
I could[F] use the amount of foundation
On her[Dm] face for one [Am]year, no [C]offense
Your[F] voice is so weird lol you [Dm]should stop this career
No[Am] offense no[C] offense
You [F]look so white [Dm]hair and skin everything
It [Am]make you look [C]scary, no [F]offense
But[F] nah nah nah [Dm]nah nah [Am]nah nah, [C]no [F]offense[Dm] [Am]
Just my own [C]preference
[F]Nah nah nah[Dm] nah nah [Am]nah nah, [C]no [F]offense..[Dm]
No[Am] ofense This sound like [C]sh*t, no [F]offense
No[Dm] offense but you [Am]kind a did it [C]wrong
No [F]offense [Dm]girl but you just[Am] f*ck up this [C]song
No[F] offense but [Dm]Madilyn is [Am]way too[C] dramatic
No[F] offense but i [Dm]cringed the [Am]whole way [C]through
No[F] offense [Dm]no [Am]offense [C]no [Fmaj7]offense
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Updated 2020-06-17
Views: 59 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Madilyn Bailey Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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