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We'll Meet Again

D Vera Lynn D Vote rhythm
Tone: [D]
[D]We'll meet [F#7]again, don't know [B7]where, don't know [B7#5]when,
But I [Em7]know we'll meet again some sunny [A7]day. [Aadd9]
[D]Keep smiling [F#7]through, just like [B7]you always [B7#5]do
'Til the [Em7]blue skies drive the [A7]dark clouds far [D]away.
So [D7]will you please say "Hello" to the folks that I know
[G]Tell them I won't be long,
They'll be [E7]happy to know that as you saw me go
I was [A7]singing this song.
[D]We'll meet [F#7]again, don't know [B7]where, don't know [B7#5]when,
But I [Em7]know we'll meet a[A7]again some sunny [D]day.
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Updated 2020-05-10
Views: 88 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Hugh Charles , Ross Parker Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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