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What A Wonderfull World

Tone: [C]
Capo: 5
Fingerpicking/Strumming pattern: 6/8
I see[C] trees of gre[Em]en, red r[Am]oses [Em]too
[Dm]I see them b[C]loom, fo[E7]r me and yo[Am]u,
And I [F]think to myself, W[Dm]hat a won[G]derful w[C]orld. [G]
I see s[C]kies of b[Em]lue and cl[Am]ouds of wh[Em]ite,
[Dm]The bright blessed [C]day, the d[E7]dark sacred ni[Am]night,
And I [F]think to myself, wh[Dm]what a wonderful worl[G]world
The colou[G]colours of the rainbow, so pre[C]pretty in the sky,
Are a[G]also on the faces of people going [C]by
I see frie[Am]nds shaking h[Em]ands saying h[Am]ow do you [Em]do
[Am]They’re really s[Em]aying I[Dm] love yo[C]u.
I hea[C]hear babies cry[Em]crying, I [Am]watch them g[Em]row
[Dm]They'll learn much mo[C]re than I[E7]'ll ever kn[Am]ow,
And I t[F]hink to myself what a w[G]onderful wor[C]ld
Yes I thi[F]think to myself, [Dm]what a wo[G]nderful wor[C]ld.
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Updated 2020-05- 2
Views: 885 Poster: Gilbert Oliel (Tobi approved)
Author: Bob Thiele Genre: Pop , Jazz Favorite: 2
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