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D Beabadoobee F# Vote rhythm
Tone: [D]
Capo: 4
[D6]Kiss [Dmaj7#11]me [D6]on [Dadd9]my [D]neck
[D6]Tell [Dmaj7#11]me [D6]all [Dadd9]your [D]fears
'Cause the [D6]rush [Dmaj7#11]of [D6]love [Dadd9]is [Dmaj7]gone and
I'm tryna' find out [Amaj7sus4]why
It disa-[D]disa-ppeared
Why it d[Amaj7]disa - [D]ppeared
I [D6]looked [Dmaj7#11]you [D6]in [Dadd9]the [D]eyes
[D6]Don't [Dmaj7#11]feel [D6]no-[Dadd9]no-thing [D]here
'Cause the [D6]fee-ling [Dmaj7#11]of [Dadd9]the [Dmaj7]love
That I used to [Amaj7sus4]have
Yeah, that shit's disa-[D]disa-ppeared
Yeah, that [Amaj7sus4]shit's disa-p[D]disa-ppeared
Yeah, that [Amaj7sus4]shit's disa-[Aadd11]disa-pp - [Amaj7]e - [D]ared
Yeah, that [Amaj7sus4]shit's disa-[Aadd11]disa-pp - [Amaj7]e - [D]ared
Yeah, that [Amaj7sus4]shit's disa-[Aadd11]disa-pp - [Amaj7]e - [D]ared
[A6] [Esus2s] [F#m]
[A6] [Esus2s] [F#m]
[Dadd9] [D] [D] [D]
Do you re-m[D]re-member?
[D6]Our [Dmaj7#11]love [D6]in [Dadd9]No-vem[D]No-vem-ber?
[D6]That [Dmaj7#11]shit [D6]was [Dadd9]so [D]real
But there's [D6]pa-[Dmaj7#11]pa-tches [D6]on [Dadd9]my
[Dmaj7]fingers [Amaj7]that won't [D]heal
There's [D6]pa-[Dmaj7#11]pa-tches [D6]on [Dadd9]my
[Dmaj7]fingers [Amaj7]that won't [D]feel
[D6]Why'd [Dmaj7#11] you [D6]have [Dadd9]to
[Dmaj7]fucking [Amaj7]disa - p[D]ppear?
[D6]Why'd [Dmaj7#11]you [D6]have [Da]to
[Dmaj7]fucking [Amaj7]disa - [Aadd11]pp - [Amaj7]ea - [D]r
Why'd you disa-[Aadd11]disa-pp - [Amaj7]e - [D]ar?
Why'd you disa-[Aadd11]disa-pp - [Amaj7]e - [D]ar?
[A6]Please come [Esus2]ba - [F#m]ck
[A6]Please come [Esus2]ba - [F#m]ck
[A6]Please come [Esus2]ba - [F#m]ck
[Dadd9]Please come b[D]ba - [D]ck [D]

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Tobi 1 weeks ago
D D6 Dadd9 Dmaj7 Amaj7sus4 Amaj7 A6 F#m Esus2 0

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Updated 2020-03-18
Views: 30 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Beabadoobee Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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