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Bm Beabadoobee Bm Vote rhythm
Tone: [Bm]
[G] [Bm] [A]
[G]Bobby was fourteen when she [Bm]knew
Nothing would [A]last
Wishing her life [G]wouldn't be this [D]bad
'Cause [Bm]Bobby always thought like [D]this with her [G]thought of having [D]missed
Every [A]little thing life could [Bm]bring she [G]dismissed
'Cause [D]Bobby always [G]saw the bad [Bm]rhyme to the [G]life she had
[D]Who could have [G]blamed her though
[Bm]Bobby was [G]fourteen years o[D]old [G]
[Bm]Bobby was [G]fourteen years o[D]old [G] [Bm] [A]
[G]Bobby was fourteen when she [Bm]knew
Nothing would [A]last
Wishing her mind [G]didn't think so [D]sad
'Cause [Bm]Bobby always had a [D]stitch on the [G]left side of her [D]wrist
Desp[A]Despite the love she'd [Bm]give she d[G]dismissed
'Cause [D]Bobby always [G]saw the bad [Bm]rhyme to the [G]life she had
[D]Who could have [G]blamed her though
[Bm]Bobby was [G]fourteen years o[D]old [G]
[Bm]Bobby was [G]fourteen years o[D]old [G] [Bm] [A]
And [F#m]Bobby knew if she'd [G]ended i[Gm]it all it would [D]be [A]better so[Bm]soon
And [F#m]if she tried, she would've [G]missed out being h[Gm]happy and[D]and [A]be a foo[Bm]l
But [G]deep down Bobby [Gm]knew she'd find s[D]omeone li[A]ke yo[Bm]u
[G]Bobby was fifteen when she [Bm]knew
Some thing's would[A]would last
Wishing her mind [G]never thought that [D]bad
'Cause [Bm]Bobby still had the [D]stitch on the [G]left side of her [D]wrist
She g[A]got what life could [Bm]give that she[G]she'd missed
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Updated 2020-03-18
Views: 39 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Beabadoobee Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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