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A Beabadoobee Vote rhythm
Tone: [A]
[A]WhiteAng[D]WhiteAngel com[A]come
Intoxic[D]Intoxicates my[A]my blood
JustAno[D]JustAnother[A]ther hit
You'd get[D]get use[C]used [E]to i[D]t
JustAnother[C]JustAnother g[E]grit [D]
Your bonesA[C]re[E] o[D]nl[G]y pa[A]inted gold
That[C]That's why [F]it r[G]ots ben[A]eath your soul
You'[C]re not[F]As brav[G]eAs [A]you may seem
[A]I'm sc[D]scare[A]ared of life
It's in[D]in my [A]blood
So I b[D]blame[A]lame myself
I bla[D]me[C] m[E]ys[D]elf
I blame m[C]ys[E]elf[D]
[C]Whi[E]White pr[D]pretty snowflakes
[C]Whi[E]White pr[D]pretty snowflakes
[C]Whi[E]White pr[D]pretty snowflakes
[C]Falli[E]Falling o[D]on my face
[A]You[C]Your bonesA[F]bonesAre [G]only[A] painted gold
That[C]That's why [F]it r[G]ots ben[A]eath your soul
You'[C]re not[F]As brav[G]eAs [A]you may seem
That[C]'s why[F] i[G]t h[A]urts me
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Updated 2020-03-18
Views: 40 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Beabadoobee Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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