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Frozen 2 - Lost In The Woods

Tone: [G]
Capo: 1
[G] [G7] [C] [Eb] [G] [G7] [C]
Again, you're go[G]gone [C]
Off on a di[D]different path than mi[B]mine
I'm left behi[Em]behind
Wondering [Am]if I should fol[Dsus4]follow [C]
You h[D]had to [G]go [C]
And, of c[D]course, it's always [B]fine
I p[Em]probably could catch [Am]
up with you tom[Dsus4]tomorrow [C] [D]
But is [E]this what it [A]feels like
To be [G#m]growing apa[A]apart?
When did [C]I become the [Am]one
Who's always [Dsus4]chasing your [D]heart?
Now I [Bb]turn around and [Gm]find
I am [Cm]lost in the [F]woods
North is so[Dm]south, right is l[Eb]left
When y[Cm]you're gone
[F]I'm the [Bb]one who sees you h[Gm]home
But now I'm [Cm]lost in the [F]woods
And [F]I don't know [Bb]what path you are [Eb]on
I'm [C]lost in the [G]woods [C] [G]
[C]Up 'til [G]now
The [C]next step was a [D]question of how [B]
I never t[Em]thought it was a [Am]question of whe[Dsus4]whether [C]
[D]Who am [E]I, [Am] if [D]I'm not your gu[G]guy?
Where am [C]I, if [Am]we're not toget[F#m]together Fo[F#]Forever?
Now I [B]know you're my true [G#m]north
'Cause I am [C#m]lost in the [F#]woods
Up is [D#m]down, day is n[E]night
When you're [C#m]not there
[F#]Oh, [B]you're my only [G#m]landmark
So I'm [C#m]lost in the [F#]woods
[F#]Wondering [B]if you still [E]care
But I'll w[C#m]wait
For a [E]sign (For a sign)
That I'm yo[B]your path
'Cause you ar[G#m]are mine (You are mine)
'Til [C#m]then
I'm l[F#]lost in the woods
[B]Lost in the wo[B7/A]woods ([E](Lost in the woods)
I'm [Gmaj7]lost in [G6]the wood[B]woods (Lost in the woo[B7/A]woods)
I'm [G#m]lost
I'm [G]lost in the woods

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Tobi 1 weeks ago
G G7 C Eb D B Em Am Dsus4 E A G#m Bb Gm Cm F Dm F#m F# C#m D#m B7/A Gmaj7 G6 0

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Updated 2020-02- 1
Views: 59 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Jonathan Groff Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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