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I Think I Kinda, You Know

Tone: [C]
[C]So much has happened, think of w[G]what we've done
And the t[Am]time that the Earth has traveled '[F]'round the Sun
[C]Winter, spring, summer an' we're b[G]back to fall
[Am]We've been together hand-in-hand[F]hand-in-hand through it all
From the mi[C]minute we kissed and my he[G]heart skipped a beat
To the ni[Am]night that we danced, I was sw[F]swept off my feet
Sure as e[C]every year has to c[G]come to an end
I'd go spi[Am]spinnin' 'round the Sun
with you ag[F]again and again and again and again
[C]I think I kinda, you k[G]know
[Am]I think I kinda, you k[F]know
[C]Like the way that we fl[G]flow
L[Gm]Like the way that we g[F]go
And I lo[Fm]love
I think I kinda, you kn[C]know
I think I kinda, you kn[G]know
I think I kinda, you kn[E7]know
You know, you k[F]know
[C]Sometimes you know exactly w[G]what to say
Then ya op[Am]open your mouth and the wo[F]words go away
[C]Don't want you to wonder or d[G]doubt or guess
So l[Am]let me tell ya clearly what I'm tr[F]tryna express
It's just th[C]three little words, yeah, it's n[G]not a big deal
It's not li[Am]like I can help feelin' a[F]all that I feel
And by n[C]now, I'm sure ya think it's s[G]so obvious
But ju[Am]just in case it's not, what I'm sa[F]sa
yin' is this, what I'm sayin' is this
[C]I think I kinda, you kn[G]know
[Am]I think I kinda, you kn[F]know
[C]Like the way that we fl[G]flow
[Gm]Like the way that we g[F]go
And I l[Fm]love
I think I kinda, you k[C]know
I think I kinda, you k[G]know
Mm, I think I kinda, you k[E7]know
You know, you kn[F]know
[G]You know how we can t[Am]talk all night
And n[E7]not run outta things to t[F]talk about
[G]It's rare that somethin' f[Am]feels this right
It fe[F]feels so right
I think I kinda, you k[D]know
[A]I think I kinda, you k[F#7]know
You know, you kn[G]know
I think I kinda, you k[D]know
(Oh, I think I kinda, you know)
[A]I think I kinda, you k[F#7]know
You k[G]know, you know
[A]I can't help dreamin' [Bm]of you
Guess I'm sa[F#7]sayin' I don't not l[G]love you
You k[Bm]know, you [A]know, you [G]know

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Tobi 2 months ago
C G Am F Gm Fm E7 D A F#7 Bm 0

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Updated 2019-12-14
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Author: Olivia Rodrigo Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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