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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Am Pentatonix C#m Vote rhythm
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    Capo on 4th fret
    [Am] [E] [Am] [E] [Am] [E] [Am] [E] [Am] [E] [Am] [E]
    God[Am]God rest ye [E]merry [Am]gentleme[E]gentlemen,
    Let [F]nothing you dis[E]dismay
    Re[Am]member C[E]hrist ou[Am]r savio[E]r
    Was [F]born upon this [E]day
    To [Dm]save us all from [C]Satan's power
    When [Am]we were gone ast[G]astray
    Oh [C]tidings of com[G]comfort and [Am]joy,
    Comfort and [G]joy,
    Oh [C]tidings of [G]comfort and j[Am]joy.[E]oy. [Am] [E] [Am] [E] [Am] [E]
    From [Am]God our [E]heavenly [Am]fathe[E]father
    This [F]blessed angel [E]came
    And [Am]unto [E]certain [Am]shephe[E]shepherds
    Brought [F]tidings of the [E]same
    How [Dm]that in Bethle[C]Bethlehem was born
    The [Am]son of God by [G]name
    O [C]tidings of [G]comfort and [Am]joy,
    Comfort and [G]joy
    O [C]tidings of [G]comfort and j[Am]joy [E] [Am] [E]
    [G]O, [C]Star of wonder, [F]star of [C]night,
    [C]Star with royal b[F]beauty b[C]bright
    [Am]Westward [G]leading, [C]still pro[F]proceeding,
    [Dm]Guide us to thy [E]perfect [Am]lig[E]light[Am]ht. [E] [Am] [E] [Am] [E]
    [Am]Born a king on [E]Bethlehem's p[Am]plain,
    [Am]Gold I bring to[E]to crown him [Am]again
    King for[G]forever, [C]ceasing [F]never,
    [Dm]Over us a[E]ll to re[Am]ign[E]. [Am] [E]
    [G]O, [C]Star of wonder, [F]star of [C]night,
    Star with royal [F]beauty [C]bright
    [Am]Westward [G]leading, [C]still pro[F]proceeding,
    [Dm]Guide us to thy [E]perfect [Am]lig[E]light[Am]ht. [E] [Am] [E] [Am] [E]
    [Am]Glorious now, be[E]behold Him [Am]arise.
    [Am]King and God and [E]sacrifi[Am]sacrifice
    Halle[G]Hallelujah, [C]Hallelu[F]Hallelujah!
    [Dm]Worship him [E]God most h[Am]high[E]igh [Am] [E] [Am]
    [G]O, [C]Star of wonder, [F]star of [C]night,
    Star with royal [F]beauty br[C]bright
    [Am]Westward [G]leading, [C]still proc[F]proceeding,
    [Dm]Guide us to thy p[E]erfect li[Am]ght[E]. [Am] [E] [Am] [E]
    God [Am]rest ye [E]merry [Am]gentleme[E]gentlemen
    God [Am]rest ye [E]merry [Am]gentleme[E]gentlemen
    God [Am]rest ye [E]merry [Am]gentleme[E]gentlemen
    God [Am]rest ye [E]merry [Am]gentleme[E]gentlemen
    God [Am]rest ye [E]merry [Am]gentleme[E]gentlemen
    God [Am]rest ye [E]merry [Am]gentleme[E]gentlemen
    God [Am]rest ye [E]merry [Am]gentleme[E]gentlemen
    God [Am]rest ye [E]merry [Am]gentleme[E]gentlemen
    [Am] [Am]


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    Updated 2019-12- 1
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