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It Won't Be Like This For Long

G Darius Rucker E Vote rhythm
[G] [D] [Asus2] [D] [x2]
He d[G]didnt have to w[D]wake up
[Asus2]He'd been up all n[D]nite
Lying th[G]there in bed lis[D]listening
To his [Asus2]new born baby c[Bm]cry [Asus2]
He ma[G]makes a pot of co[D]coffee
He splashes[Asus2]splashes water on his fa[D]face
His w[G]wife gives him a k[D]kiss and says
It gonna[Asus2]gonna be OK [D]
It wont be[G] like t[Asus2]his for lo[D]ng
One da[G]day we'll look back [Asus2]laugh'n
At the w[F#m]week we brought her h[Bm]home [Asus2]
This ph[G]phase is gonna f[D]fly by
[Asus2]So baby[F#m]baby just[Bm]just hold [Asus2]on
[G]It wont [Asus2]be like this for l[D]long
Four years la[G]later 'bout f[D]four thirty
[Asus2]She's crawling in there b[D]bed
And when he dr[G]drops her off at p[D]preschool
Sh[Asus2]She's clinging to his l[Bm]leg [Asus2]
The t[G]teacher peels her o[D]off of him
He [Asus2]says what can I [Bm]do [Asus2]
She s[G]says now dont you w[D]worry
This will only l[Asus2]last a week or t[D]two
It wont be[G] like t[Asus2]his for l[D]ong
One day s[G]soon you'll drop[Asus2]drop her off
And she wont e[F#m]even know your go[Bm]gone [Asus2]
This ph[G]phase is gonna f[D]fly by
[Asus2]If you can [F#m]just h[Bm]hold on [Asus2]
[G]It wont [Asus2]be like this for l[D]long
Some day [Bm]soon she'll be a teenager
And at t[Asus2]times he'll think she hates him
Then he'll wa[G]walk her down the i[D]isle
And raise her [Asus2]vale [F#m]
But right n[Bm]now she up and cry'n
And the [Asus2]truth is that he dont mind
As he ki[G]kisses her goo[D]good night
And she says her p[Asus2]prayers
He l[G]lays down there be[D]beside her
'Til her [Asus2]eyes are finally cl[D]closed
And just w[G]watch'n her it br[D]breaks his heart
Cause[Asus2]Cause he already kn[D]knows
It wont be [G]like [Asus2]this for lo[D]long
One day s[G]soon that little [Asus2]girl is gonna be
[F#m]All grown up and go[Bm]gone [Asus2]
Yeah this ph[G]phase is gonna f[D]fly by
So[Asus2] he's try'[F#m]n to ho[Bm]ld on [Asus2]
'C[G]ause it wont[Asus2] be like this for l[Bm]ooooooong [Asus2]
[G]It wont[Asus2]wont be like this for lo[D]long
[G] [D] [Asus2] [D] [G] [D] [Asus2] [D]
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