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I'll Remember You

C Elvis Presley E Vote rhythm
capo on 4th fret
[C] [Em] [F] [G] [F] [Em] [G7/D]
[C] I'll remember [Em]you
[F] Long after[G] this endless[C] summer[A7] -- is gone.
[Dm] I'll be lonely, [Fm] - oh, so lonely,
[Dm] Living only [G] to
remember [C]you. [Em] [F] [G] [F] [Em] [G7/D]
[C] I'll remember [Em]too,
[F] Your voice as[G] soft as the[C] warm summer[A7] breeze.
[Dm] Your sweet laughter, [Fm] - mornings after,
[Dm] Ever after, [G]I'll remember [C]you[C7]you
To your arms some[F]someday,
[D7] I'll return to [G]stay.
Till [A7]then, I will rem[D]remember [F#m]too,
[G] Ev'ry bright [A7]star we made [D]wishes [B7]-- upon.
[Em] Love me always, [Gm]-- promise always, [Em]-- Ooh,
[A] you'll remember [C9]too.
[D] I'll remember you. [Dmaj7]
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Updated 2019-08-29
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