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好想你 (Hao xiang ni)

F Joyce Chu F Vote rhythm
1. Xiang yao [F] chuan song yi feng jian xun gei [C] ni
Wo [Dm] hao xiang hoa xiang [Am] ni
Xiang yao [Bb] li ke da tong dian hua [F] gei ni
Wo [Bb] hao xiang hoa xiang [C] ni
2. Mei tian [F] qi chuang de di yi jian shi [C] qing
Jiu shi [Dm] hao xiang hao xiang [Am] ni
[Bb] Wu lun qing tian [F] hai
Shi xia [Bb] yu dou hao xiang hao xiang [C] ni
Mei ci [Bb] dang wo yi shou [C] wo hao xiang ni [Am] ni dou bu xiang [Dm] xin
Dan que [Bb] zong ai wen wo [C] you mei you [F] xiang ni
Wo bu [Bb] dong de tian yan [C] mi yu suo yi [Am] zhi shuo hao [Dm] xiang ni
Fan zheng [Gm] shuoo lai shuo qu dou zhi xiang rang [C] ni kai xin
Hao xiang [F] ni, hao xiang [C] ni,
Hao xiang [Dm] ni, hao xiang [Am] ni
Shi [Bb] zhen de zhen de hao [F] xiang ni
Bu [Bb] shi jia de jia de hao [C] xiang ni
Hao xiang [F] ni, hao xiang [C] ni
Hhao xiang [Dm] ni, hao xiang [Am] ni
Shi [Bb] guo li guo li hao [F] xiang ni
Zhen [Bb] de xi bei xi bei hao [C] xiang ni
Hao xiang [F] ni
* Hao xiang [F] ni, Hao xiang [C] ni, hao xiang [F] ni
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Updated 2019-08-20
Views: 4,038 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Joyce Chu Genre: Chinese Favorite: 0
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