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Mystery Of Love

C Sufjan Stevens G Vote rhythm
[C] [D] [Em/B] [D] [(x2)]
Verse 1
Oh[C]Oh, to see without my eye[D]eyes
The[Em]The first time that you [Bm]kissed me
Bou[C]Boundless by the time I cried[D]cried
I b[Em ]built your walls a[Bm]around me
Wh[C]White noise, what an awful soun[D]sound
Fum[Em]Fumbling by Rogue [Bm]River
Fee[C]Feel my feet above the groun[D]ground
Han[Em]Hand of God, deliv[Bm]deliver me
Chorus 1
[Am ]Oh, oh woe[D]woe-oh-woah is me
The fi[G ]first [G/A]time [G/B]that [G/D]you t[G/B]touched [D/A]me
[Am ]Oh, will won[D]wonders ever cease?
[G]Ble[G/A]Blessed[G/B]ssed be [G/D]the [G/B]myst[D/A]ery of l[C]ove
Interlude 1
[C] [G/B] [D] [(x4)] [C] [D] [Em/B] [D]
Verse 2
[C]Lord, I no longer bel[D]believe
[Em/B ]Drowned in livin[D]living waters
[C]Cursed by the love that I rece[D]received
[Em/B ]From my br[D]brother's daughter
[C]Like Hephaestion, who d[D]died
[Em/B]Alexander's l[D]lover
[C]Now my riverbed has dr[D]dried
[Em/B]Shall I find no o[D]other?
Chorus 2
[Am ]Oh, oh woe-oh-woa[D]woe-oh-woah is me
I'm r[G]un[G/A]ning[G/B] lik[G/D]e a [G/B]plov[D/A]er
[Am ]Now I'm prone to [D]misery
The b[G]irth[G/A]mark[G/B] on [G/D]your [G/B]shoul[D/A]der remi[C]nds me
Interlude 2
[C] [G/B] [D] [(x4)] [C] [D] [Em/B] [D]
Verse 3
[C]How much sorrow can I t[D]take?
[Em/B ]Blackbird on my[D]my shoulder
[C]And what difference does it m[D]make
[Em/B ]When this[D]this love is over?
[C]Shall I sleep within your b[D]bed
[Em/B ]River of [D]unhappiness
[C]Hold your hands upon my h[D]head
[Em/B ]Till I bre[D]breathe my last breath
Chorus 3
[Am ]Oh, oh woe[D]woe-oh-woah is me
The l[G]last [G/A]time [G/B]that [G/D]you t[G/B]touched [D/A]me
[Am ]Oh, will won[D]wonders ever cease?
[G]Ble[G/A]Blessed[G/B]ssed be [G/D]the [G/B]myst[D/A]ery of l[C]ove
[C] [G/B] [D] [(x4)]
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