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Goodbye my love goodbye

G Demis Roussos G Bossa Nova
[G] Hear the [C] wind sing a [Bm] sad old [Em] song
It [Am] knows I'm [D7] leaving you to-[G] day
Please don't [C] cry or my [Bm] heart will [Em] break
When [C] I go [D7] on my [G] way
Goodbye my love [D7] goodbye
Goodbye and au [G] revoir
As long as you re- [D7] member me
I'll [C] never be too [G] far.
Goodbye my love [D7] goodbye
I always will be [G] true
So hold me in your [D7] dreams
Till [C] I come [D7] back to [G] you.
[G] See the [C] stars in the [Bm] skies a-[Em] bove
They'll [Am] shine where [D7] ever I may [G] roam
I will [C] pray every [Bm] lonely [Em] night
That [C] soon they'll [D7] guide me [G] home
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Updated 2019-07-26
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