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Goodbye (The Beauty Inside OST)

G Wendy Ab Vote rhythm
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    Tone chuan Ab. Capo 1 choi G
    Nun gameum [G]yeon deouk [Bm7]seonmyeonghaejineun [Em7]ge
    Eotteon [C]mallodo seol [D]myeongi an dwaes [G]seo
    Yu [D]ri wir [Em7]eul hon [G/D]jaseo georeo [A]ga
    Geudael [Am7]hoksina apeuge halk [D]ka
    Naega yeogi issneun [G]de
    Nareul [D]mollabona [Em7]yo [G/D]
    Neomu bogo [C]sipeo
    Hancham [D]gidaryeossneun [G]de
    Soni [D]dahji anhne [G]yo
    Geunyang [D]meonghani seo [Em7]issne [G/D]yo
    [C]Annyeong [D]annyeong annyeong [G]goodbye
    [Am7] [D] [Gmaj7] [Em7] [Am7] [D] [Bm7] [E] [Am7] [Fmaj7] [Dsus4] [D]
    Kkumindeu [G]shae jakku [Bm7]man gateun ildeu [Em7]ri [D]
    Nareul [C]jogeumssik mu [D]neojige man [G]hae
    Jam [D]sina [Em7]ma nareul [G/D]gieokhaeju [A]deon sungan
    Gijeok [Am7]gatasseo jeonbu kkum [C]man ga [D]ta
    Naega yeogi issneun [G]de
    Nareul [D]mollabona [Em7]yo [G/D]
    Neomu [C]bogo sipeo
    Hancham [D]gidaryeossneun [G]de
    Soni [D]dahji anhne [G]yo
    Geunyang [D]meonghani seo [Em7]issne [G/D]yo
    [C]Annyeong annyeong [D]annyeong good [G]bye
    Sigani jinado bye [F#7]onchi [B]anh [Em7]neun
    Naman aneun [D]geudaeui jinhan geu [A]hyanggiga
    Nal arabonayo [D]nareul chajassnayo
    [G]Hayahge tto bami [F#7]beonjyeo [B7]ga [Em7]yo
    Geudael apeuge [Dm7]han [G7]nari jina [Cmaj7]go ttoda [G]si
    [Am7]Annyeong annyeong [D]annyeong [C]goodbye [D] [Bm7] [Em7]
    [Am7]Annyeong annyeong [D]annyeong [Gmaj7]goodbye


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    Updated 2018-11- 7
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