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Zion's Daughter

A Boney M A Ballad
[A]Zion's daughter, [E]now your heart is full of joy
[A]In a cradle in the manger [E]lies the Holy Boy
[A]Zion's daughter, [E]with your sweet angelic smile
[A]Holding in your arms the Christ Child, [E]resting for a [A]while
Now the [E]world is [F#m]waiting, [E]People [B]want to [C#m]hear
[F#m]What in [A]Bethlehem had [B]happened, [A]that have [B]brought the Savior [E]near
[A]Now high [E]hope starts [F#m]rising [E]for a [B]nother [C#m]day
[F#m]With e [A]ternal love and [B]justice [A]finally [B]on the [E]way
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Updated 2018-04-15
Views: 2,262 Poster: Chord Imperfect (Chord Imperfect approved)
Author: Frank Farian Genre: Nhạc Ngoại Favorite: 1
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