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Love The Way You Lie Part 2

Tone chuan la Bb. Capo 3 choi G. Tone [G]
On the [Em]first page of [C]our story
the futu[G]re seemed so [D]bright
then this [Em]thing turned out so [C]evil,
i dont know [G]why i'm still sur[D]prised
even [Em]angels have their [C]wicked schemes
and [Gadd9]you take that to [D]new extremes
but you'll [Em]always be my [C]hero,
Even [G]though you lost your [D]mind
Just gonna [Em]stand there and watch [C]me burn,
buit thats al[G]right because i like the way it [D]hurts.
Just gonna [Em]stand there and hear me [C] cry,
but thats al[Gadd9]right because i love the way you [D] the way you [Em]lie...
[C]ooh, love the way you [G]lie!. [D]
Now there's gra[Em]vel in our [C]voices, glasses [G]shattered from the [D]fight
In this [Em]tug of war you'll [C]always win, [G]even, when i'm [D]right
Cause you [Em]feed me fables [C]from your hands
The [Gadd9]violent words and [D]empty threats, and its [Em]
sick that all these [C]battles are what [G]keeps me satis[D]fied.
Oooh! So [Bm]may be [Bm7]i'm a [Em]masochist, i [Bm]try
to [Bm7]run, [C]but i wanna [Bm]ever, wanna leave!
Till [Bm7]the walls are [Em]going up [Bm]in smoke [Bm7]with all [D]our memories....
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Updated 2018-03- 1
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Author: Eminem Genre: Nhạc Trẻ , Âu Mỹ Favorite: 6
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