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For Life (english ver)

D Exo D Ballad

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    [D] [Dm7] [D7] [G] [Gm]
    [D]This life has twist and turns
    But it's the sweetest [G]mystery
    [Gm]When you're with me
    [D]We say a thousand words
    [A]But no one else [F#m]is listening
    [E]I will be
    [G]Every night and every day
    No matter what may come or way
    [F#m]We're in this thing [B]together
    The [Em]dark turns to light
    We [D]both come alive, tonight
    I'm talking bout [B]forever
    [G]Never gonna let you go
    [F#m]Giving you my heart and soul
    [Em]I'll be right here with you for [D]life
    Oh, [G]baby all I wanna do
    [F#]Is spend my every second with [Bm]you [B]
    So [Em]look in my eyes
    I'll be by your [A]side [Bb]
    [F]The storms may come
    [Bb]And winds may blow [C]
    [Am]I'll be your shelter for [Dm]life
    [C]This love [Bb], this love
    I [C]mean it till the day I die
    Oh, [G]never gonna let you go
    [A]Giving you my heart and soul
    [Em]I'll be right here with you for [Bm]life [D]
    Oh, [G]baby all I wanna do
    Is spend my [F#m]every second with you [Bm] [B]
    So [Em]look in my eyes
    I'll [A]be by your side [Bm] [E]
    [Em]Yeah, look in my eyes
    I'll be by your side [A]
    [D]For life [G] [C]


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    Updated 2018-01- 9
    Views: 2,464 Poster: Chord Imperfect (Chord Imperfect approved)
    Author: SM The Ballad Genre: ballad , KPOP Favorite: 53
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