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1. [Bm]I fell in love with you watching Casa- [G]blanca
[A]Back row at the drive in show in the [D]flickering light
[F#]Popcorn and cokes beneath the stars
[Bm]Became champagne and [G]caviar
[A]Making love on a long hot summer [Bm]night
2. [Bm]I thought you fell in love with me watching Casa- [G]blanca
[A]Holding hands neath the paddle fans
In Rick's [D]candle lit cafe
[F#]Hiding the shadows from the spots
[Bm]A rocky moonlight [G]in your arms
Making [A]magic in the movie in my old Chevro- [Bm]let
Chorus: Oh a [G]kiss is still a [A]kiss in Casa- [D]blanca
But a [G]kiss is not a [A]kiss without your [D]sigh
[Bm]Please come back to me in Casa- [G]blanca
I [A]love you more and more each day as time goes [Bm]by
3. [Bm]I guess there're many broken hearts in Casa- [G]blanca
You [A]know I've never really been there so I don't [D]know
I [F#]guess our love story will never be seen
[Bm]On the big wide [G]silver screen
But it [A]hurts just as bad when I had to watch it [Bm]go
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Updated 2019-07-22
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