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[Am] You know the bed feels [F] warmer [C] Sleeping here [G] alone [Am] You know I dream in [F] co
Zarker, 10 / 08, 2019 1,120
Intro: Am G D D 4x Verse: Am The world was on fire and G D no one
Zarker, 21 / 08, 2019 1,101
Verse 1 E C#m I'm not a perfect person
Bui Nhu Sy, 18 / 08, 2019 824
[Am] Hello darkness, my old [G] friend I've come to talk with you [Am] again Because a vision soft
Zarker, 22 / 07, 2019 1,693
[Chorus] G Any way you want it D/F# That's the way you need it Em C Any w
Tobi, 27 / 11, 2019 453

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